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Turner School of Construction Management 

Turner School of Construction Management (TSCM) is the oldest community outreach program in Turner's history. It was initiated in 1969, one year after our Affirmative Action Department was created. Soon after, it became an academic tool to develop strategic business relationships with diverse, women-owned, Veteran/disabled, LGBTQ+, and small business contractors.


TSCM is designed to prepare small, local and diverse contractors for contract procurement opportunities and internal development. These courses have been uniquely designed to enhance technical, administrative and managerial skills in order to help firms build capacity or create a reputation for efficiently managing construction projects.


Dedicated members of Underrepresented Business Enterprises. Once enrolled, these individuals will gain meaningful mechanisms that help them grow, develop and establish new strategic business relationships.


Each class is uniquely devoted to a separate topic and is taught by some of the best professionals in this industry. TSCM Core Courses include the following:

  • Project Safety

  • Surety, Insurance & Bonding

  • Project Estimating

  • Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Construction Finance & Cost

  • Contract Risk Management

  • Project Management

  • Quality Control & Closeout



TSCM Florida programs are offered across the state through our offices in Miramar, Orlando and Tampa. 


This eight-class program is free. We are only able to accept two individuals per firm but any other staffers could be waitlisted for the following cohort.


This program is for certified Underrepresented Business Enterprises (U.B.E.'s) in the construction industry. All firms must have performed 2 years of active work prior to registration. Participants need to commit to completing the program in its entirety. Workshops are optional classes and will not impact your attendance records. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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